In Short

As the lead UX designer in Arkit I was responsible for contacting users and identifying pain points. From there I had to create wireframes and designs and then finally implement the front end code and work with the other developers.

  • Wireframing
  • Testing
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Front End Development

New Features

I was responsible for wireframing, designing and building many improved and new features for the application. The application UI has an established look and feel so new elements had to adhere to that standard.

Adding users to a project – design and wireframe.

Project Forms – design and wireframe.

User Experience

One of my main responsibilities was to collect feedback from users and present it to the team.

User Feedback.

Feature Review.


I was also responsible for creating a set of brand standards to ensure marketing materials would stay consistent.

Colour Style Guide.

Homepage Design Concept.