In Short

Working closely with the client I helped to prioritise key areas of the business in the website and push the boundaries of the brand.

  • Specification
  • Wireframing
  • Design
  • Documentation

The Challenge

One of the main challenges for the client was to explain and prioritise the many areas of business they covered. Wireframes helped us to explore different ways that the organisation could be laid out and explained to users.

Homepage wireframe.


A design was created with aligned with the brands standards, which were in the process of updating. An editorial style homepage helped the brand establish a thought leader image.

Homepage design.

A megamenu helped the brand get the space it needed to showcase the areas of business they cover.


A large hero image style was maintained throughout the site to continue the editorial style from the homepage.

Inner landing page.


I was also tasked with creating documentation and style guides for developers to work with.

Style and functionality guide.