In Short

The brief for this project was to identify pain points for the main help landing page, to increase user satisfaction all the while adhering to Dell design standards. Attention was to be paid to support all customer types and allow for easy product identification.

  • Defining Requirements
  • User Testing
  • Wireframing
  • Design

User Testing

Quantitative user testing sessions allowed for quick identification of the landing page's main flaws.

User Testing Summaries.

Peer Review

A peer review of other help sections helped to identify common practices and standards.

Peer review summaries.


Rapid paper prototyping allowed me to explore potential solutions before proceeding to a clickable prototype.

Landing Page Sketch Ideas.

A clickable prototype would help validate design decisions and allow for user testing.

Landing Page Prototype.


Following the user testing I could proceed on to the design phase. Here it would be important to ensure UI elements were clear and obvious while also adhering to Dell's Brand Standards.

Landing Page Design.

The website was responsive so it was important to keep responsive practices in mind throughout the design process.

Landing and product selection designs.