In Short

I worked as the lead UX designer to improve the website application which allowed customers to change or update their energy supply package.

  • Defining Requirements
  • User Testing
  • Wireframing
  • Design

The Challenge

Flow diagram showing the route from the landing page to the confirmation page.

User testing and analytics revealed the main issues with the current user journey.

  • Users would drop off when they found they didn’t have the required documents.
  • Users were confused when it came to the pricing structure of the available plans.

The business wanted to allow customers to be able to customise their own plan.
From a visual standpoint the website also struggled with its visual hierarchy and was not adhering to Electric Ireland’s brand standards.


Modal windows were introduced to inform users early in the flow of the documents they required. This way I didn’t need to worry about timeouts mid way through the application.

Simplified calculations were use to help make sense of complicated rate tables and step indicators were added to help inform users as to where they were in the process.


Step Indicator.

Overall, the brand was strengthened and used as a way to help differentiate various UI elements like buttons and tabs.

Customisation Page.